Great job on our first meet.  We ended up losing by three points and you can trust that I am going over the results right now to ensure that there were no mistakes.  We had a lot of great things and we should be excited for the rest of the year.  Second a few things I would like to point out about how the meet went.  If you are not coming to the meet you must let me know, we had numerous people not show up to the meet.  Due to this we had empty lanes and missed out on some opportunities for some extra points.  But most importantly other kids did not have the opportunity to swim more.  We have a large team and limited space in meets, I want every kid to swim in as many events as possible.  Second when I say that warm-up starts at a certain time the entire team is expected to be there on time.  If something crazy happens like at Hempstead where they wanted to start the meet 15 minutes earlier and only give us 2 lanes for warm up.  Tomorrows meet is at Plainview Middle school with a warm-up time of 1 pm.  If you are taking the bus it is leaving at 11:30 to ensure that we arrive on time and so we can find the pool.  If you have not emailed me please do so ASAP if you are unable to attend.
12/14/2012 09:26:52 pm

Cooper's will swim today... but miss the bus do you have the address if Pkainview middle school Thank You

Matt G
12/14/2012 09:40:07 pm

No I do not, I just googled Plainview middle school

12/15/2012 12:30:57 am

12/15/2012 12:27:46 am

According to Google, the address is
121 Central Park Road
Plainview, NY 11803


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